"Sales & Service support for UPS, Inverters"
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                We offer a wide range of Annual maintenance contract, service contract options to maintain your UPS, Inverters and Batteries.We mainly deal withall top branded batteries for all automobiles, UPS, Inverters, Industrial and other purposes, including sales and service of UPS both for Domestic household applications and Commercial applications.

                When either a battery or Inverter is ordered, our company trained technician will install the battery at customer location within 24 hours. Installation is done at free of cost, original manufacturer’s warranty card is delivered to the customer. We offer cash on delivery, Payment is done only after installing your power system, and you are satisfied.

                Battery delivery is done free of cost if the customer delivery or installation place is located within 20 KM from our delivery shop in that area. The Inverter battery installation into a home inverter is free of cost. However, the Inverter installation and wiring will be extra cost to the customer depending on the work load. The program is working in cash on delivery model. If you want to pay by credit card or debit card, based on the availability of this facility in the delivery shop, there will be a separate service fee charged to the extent of 2 - 3%.

                In the case of cash on delivery, the cash for the billed amount is collected after the battery or inverter is installed properly. Once installed and verified, there will not be any refund and will be governed by the warranty limits of the battery. Ensure that the warranty card is collected from the person installed the battery.

                Is it a time to replace or change your old battery of your Car or Inverter?. Relax..You are at the right place. Customers can call and order for a free battery health Check. SECURE POWER's service engineers will thoroughly check the battery and suggest in case of any replacement. in case of replacement, get a genuine battery installed at competitive price. SECURE POWER also provides full education to the consumers about how to detect the battery failure and how to do preventive maintenance of a battery.

Key benfits of our Inverters:

1. Unique "DSP Technology" enhances life of electrical gadgets/zero humming of electrical/electronic products
2. Pure Sine Wave Output
3. Quick Charging Technology enables fast recharging of battery in areas prone to frequent power cuts
4. Compact & rugged design combined with elegant looks.
5. Constant current & constant voltage for quick charge of battery
6. Better protection to safeguard the UPS from external effects.